Wedding pictures are one of the most important images of your lives

Since the invention of cameras, wedding photography has become a necessity. It’s more like a compulsory tradition, ranging from couple photos to big family photos. Wedding photography today comes in many styles including traditional, photojournalistic and creative. We cater to all kinds of photographic styles based on your preferences. Some couples want to have a specific kind of photography, while others want to keep things candid or traditional. Whatever your choice is, we can produce it for you.

Traditional poses never go out of style

Traditional photography
This type of photography is based on traditional shots of the bride and groom from getting ready in the morning to entire coverage of the whole day. We take pictures of everything from the flowers to the rings, jewelry and all the customary regular poses. Many couples go for this style as it is familiar and conventional, and they feel confident about it.

Can did photos make great wedding shots

This is also known as candid photography. Basically, we’re going to take pictures of everything whether you are eating, dancing, smiling or laughing. Just like a journalist covering an event, we treat you like a celebrity, capturing every glamorous moment. Couples who want everything raw and natural, without any formality, choose the photo-journalistic style for their wedding. Although we do take some traditional photos as an add-on, the main focus is to capture the activity while it is happening. Modern couples find it bold and experimental and love the celebrity style photos.

Note the use of shadows and the reflection in this creative phot

Our creative style of photography involves direct planning with you. Our expert photographers invest their time with you to create a list of specific shots you want. We welcome our clients to provide us with suggestions prior to the wedding so we know what kind of shots they have in mind. Your ideas and opinions are valued and guided in the light of our experience. So the teamwork achieves amazing results. This style of photography involves the use of different lenses, settings and lighting to create the stunning images that stand out from all others. Post production (photo editing) also plays a major role in this category. Couples going for an eclectic style or wanting to experiment with their own new creative wedding photography ideas opt for it.